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Fall Session 2019 Registration is OPEN 

Check out the great line-up of classes and community-building activities! 

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Charis Member Events

Student Expo/Ice Cream Social


Stay tuned for more information on NEXT YEAR'S STUDENT EXPO 

(Spring 2020)

The annual Student Expo has long been a CHARIS favorite, and not just because it ends with an ice cream social!* Kids enjoy displaying projects into which they've poured their time and effort as well as admiring the creative displays of the other students.

The Expo also gives our budding entrepreneurs a chance to promote their businesses and sell their goods to each other, friends, family and neighbors. Students can sell any number of handmade creations such as baked goods, jewelry, art, crafts, bookmarks, plants—the sky is the limit.

Older students who offer services such as lawn care or childcare are welcome to set up a booth advertising their company to the local community. This event is for homeschooling kids of all ages. Even the youngest student can simply bake cookies and practice making change while earning a few dollars.

*Please bring an ice cream topping to share. CHARIS will provide the ice cream!

Used Curriculum/Book Sale


 Next Sale: May 2020 

Village Bible Church

847 IL Rt 47

Sugar Grove, IL 


Open to public. Sell your used homeschool curriculum, books and materials here, or shop for your family. Tables are limited. Reservations will also be open for non-CHARIS Members.

Cost is $5 per Seller. Shoppers are free!

Email to inquire.